Statement, Melting Vanilla

For me there are two different ways of thinking about the photograph in relation to time. First, the photo is a snapshot, or a moment captured and then abstracted from time’s continuum. The early work of Worthington and Edgerton captured slices of time small enough to reveal a reality otherwise missed by the eye.


The photo can also reveal a moment kept within the continuum of time. Edweard Muybridge in his pioneering work used photos in a series to portray a thing in motion through time. 


I wanted to see if I could embody both of these ideas in one piece. I took a series of photos of a very slow and basic movement, an ice cream melting, and assembled them in a very repetitive series. I then presented these snapshots as a slide show, making sure that each frame was kept on screen long enough to be perceived as a still before fading into the next. I wanted the viewer to see each still as a complete image, yet pay attention to the small differences between frames which contribute to the effect of a piece in motion.



Exhibition History: 

Man Overboard, Lake Country Art Gallery, BC, 2017

Time will Tell, W119 Residency, West Kelowna BC, 2014

Summer Night Slides, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2012