Ah the feeling of getting your work back from the framer. Kasko Frameworks did an amazing job on these two 14" x 11" works from the Snow works on paper series. Next stop for these guys is the Paul Kyle Gallery booth at Art Toronto


The fair starts October 26, so more on that later...





Fall will be here at 11:50 pm tonight, and the rains shortly after. 

My ideas seem to come from nowhere, but we know the truth. They are born from situations, and a lifetime of influences. This time the idea was to make a cloud out of concrete. After that, the idea was to make it rain. Here is what happened:




This winter/spring I opened up a studio in a beautiful rustic setting in North Vancouver. It's the perfect balance to the urban Vancouver studio, and allows me to escape and work within nature. Both settings are essential to my practice and my life, and I've moved the whole works-on-paper operation to North Vancouver while paintings, sculpture, studio visits, etc. continue to happen in the city.  

Well that was fun. The Artists for Water gala took place April 13 at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, and Online Auction bidding ended April 14. It was a pleasure to spend time with people who are so passionate about water education and conservation.

My work got a shout-out on stage from NHL Hockey hall-of-famer Kevin Lowe, and I'm not sure if these things are related, but the work sold for $600.00 over its gallery price. 




My work 25 Cones 2 is part of the Artists for Water auction in support of Swim Drink Fish. This worthy charity teaches communities to know and safeguard the health of their local waters. 

The gala takes place Tuesday, April 13, but the silent auction is open for bidding right now. Click here to peruse, register, and bid.


Check out their Instagram here. 



I've just delivered Snow VIII: Joy to Arts Umbrella for their 2023 Splash gala. The auction takes place October 21 this year, and I am happy to donate to this worthy cause. 

The Winter Group Exhibition ended February 11. Thank you to everyone at Paul Kyle Gallery for their work, and for including my work. 

My work appeared in a review of Paul Kyle Gallery Winter Group show, in ArtNet.


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